Who The Hell is Samuel Garcia?: The Facebook Redirect Problem

In a nutshell: The problem has to do with particular models of Linksys Routers (WRT160N v3 and WRT310N). Want the fix already?: manually set the DNS servers on your computer, instead of the router. I recommend Google Public DNS or OpenDNS. If you’re still interested in the details, continue with the rest of the article, as well as the valuable comments.

Update (07 January 2011): For users of Linksys WRT160N v3, a new firmware has been available for quite a while now. It is suggested that you upgrade to the the newest version (3.03) (and let us know in the comments if this works for you). Thanks to Bill Creswell for the tip!

Last night, I started experiencing this weird thing with Facebook: it was redirecting to MySpace for a few minutes at a time. Specifically, to a custom URL for one Samuel Garcia (aka SR388, whose status reads, “faceebook transition. in progress”).

With my antivirus already running a full scan in the background (it didn’t find anything), I tried to Google for clues. It seems this has been going on for sometime now:

Others who have experienced it are (mistakenly) blaming their browsers:

I tried to narrow down the source of the problem: it can’t be my Windows machine, since my iPhone also exhibits the same problem whenever the redirect is “active”. I plugged my Internet connection directly to my machine to bypass the router, but that didn’t change anything. A DNS cache flush proved useless. As an extra step, I have begun to coordinate with my ISP (and they too have reported that they are experiencing this).

I’ve spent countless hours on Google looking for more answers, but all I get are more accounts of the same problem. At this time, Facebook now occasionally redirects to either a 404 page (for www.facebook.com/home.php) or an empty page (for www.facebook.com). Interestingly, whatever’s causing this is only affecting the main domain, and not the subdomain, such as apps.facebook.com.

So, what the hell’s happening?


  1. 17 November 2009: (evening, GMT+8) www.facebook.com redirects to www.myspace.com
  2. 18 November 2009: (all day, GMT+8) www.facebook.com redirects to a 404 page
  3. 20 November 2009: (a little after 10am, GMT+8) facebook.com assets (images and CSS coming from static.ak.fbcdn.net) redirecting to same 404 page; facebook.com itself is accessible.
  4. 7 December 2009: Switched to Google Public DNS a couple of days back, and haven’t experienced a bad redirect yet. Could this be the solution?
  5. 14 December 2009: (Tentatively solved.) It seems that a particular model of router (plus firmware) is causing the problem: Linksys WRT160N v3. Similar routers (WRT310N) may be affected. The solution: hard-code your DNS servers in the computer, instead of on the router. Use Google Public DNS or OpenDNS while you’re at it.

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  • haha I’m having the same exact issue to the same myspace page, from Chicago. found your page via google. I think someone’s poisoning the DNS servers somewhere up the food chain.

  • It’s happening in Northeast Tennessee on Charter Communications. I’m investigating DNS poisoning.

  • I am glad you also noticed. it was weird man. I talked to a friend in the filed and he thinks it’s an inside job. he also thinks that Samuel Garcia has nothing to do with it; just a landing page. Cheers,


  • It’s happening to me too! I thought some stalker had hacked my computer.

    I use google chrome. I did several full Norton scans, nothing came up. It got so bad that my Windows XP was reporting issues at start-up with the basic black screen with white text. (Sorry I don’t know what this is officially called). I set my computer back to it’s settings from a few months earlier before the problem started and reinstalled Chrome. That seemed to help for awhile, but the problem just came up again! Argh! I didn’t log on to Myspace at all today, I was only using facebook.

    So frustrating! How do you get rid of this guy

  • Getting here in New York as well. Been looking for sometime now on how to correct this or something. Completely stumped. Ive been told that its malware in the server host files but again I cant find those ‘host files’.

  • usually at C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. But that is not the problem. I’m using wireshark and watching the DNS request and it’s returning a myspace ip address. The DNS ip address is getting changed. We have been experiencing this off and on for months now here on roadruner rochester ny.

  • happening to me in virginia. its giving me some1 named mike moffit??? everytime i go to facebook!!!!!!

  • This happened to me on Windows 7 64bit (build 7600), Firefox 3.5.5 and IE8.

    The first time, a simple flush of the DNS worked. Now it’s happening again, and I can’t fix it.

  • This just happened to me, I notice OP said Antivirus was running in background, My McAfee was running a scan in bg when it happened to me as well, coincidence?

  • yeah thats right, it did not find anything. I am not convinced that it is the net though, My wife and daughter were on facebook at the same time and were not experiencing any of this.

  • This crap just started up for me, too, a couple days ago. Coincidently after installing a new Cisco router? Hmmm.

    Happens on my PC in all 4 browsers (Chrome, FF, Safari, IE7), but Safari on iPhone is okay for me.

    Has anyone tried to contact Facebook??

  • Twitter is doing this to me as well. Odd thing is that it’s only happening on ONE machine in the LAN. So it might indeed have some code running locally but nothing finds it.

  • I’m freaking out. This happens on every browser I have. FF, IE, Chrome, you name it. Virus/malware scans turn up nothing. I’ve got 2 other PCs on the network who aren’t having this problem. It turns on and off. I’ve got Windows 7; I’ll try to reproduce it in Ubuntu.

  • Coincidentally, since switching to Google Public DNS (from OpenDNS), I haven’t had any redirect problems yet. Can anyone else confirm this?

    • I’m using the Google Public DNS too and that solves the problem for me. However, I cannot set my Linksys Router WRT310N no issue *only* the google DNS and the first DHCP DNS address it gives out is itself, which must be pulling in the corrupted DNS records from some poisoned node somewhere. I’m on BrightHouse RoadRunner in Central Florida.

    • I used the Google Public DNS and the redirects stopped.

      That tips solved my problem the first night. I just moved over to Time Warner (of RoadRunner fame) and the problem rolled in.

      Thank you for your information!

  • David (From OpenDNS) — We haven’t had any reports of this over at OpenDNS, and checking our resolvers everything looks good. We’re investigating to see what we can find.

    • I’m running through OpenDNS and this is happening to me and my wife on the same home network. We are on Brighthouse/Earthlink.
      Odd because it stopped a while ago for a couple months and today I went to twitter.com and got redirected to MySpace. In the past it was usually facebook.com —> mspace.com. ONe time it was Facebook.com to a some bed and breakfast website. But usually it’s to MySpace.

  • I just recently switched to a Linksys WRT310N router which is made by cisco and I have been experiencing this same problem ever since. Could it be related to the router?

    • Will,

      That’s curious, because I just switched that same exact router. These symptoms didn’t exist prior to the introduction of this router.

    • I had just purchased the WRT160N router by the same company when I noticed this starting up. Hmmm. Haven’t had a problem in a few days, though, since I flushed my DNS.

      Run > ipconfig /flushdns

    • Interesting: I just switched to a WRT160N last month. Could be coincidence, but I’m not sure.

    • Me too! I went to the WRT160N and that was EXACTLY when this started. I remember this very well because prior to that I had never had this kind of situation.

      What a relief to know I wasn’t totally nuts to think it had something to do with the router.

      Okay so what does this mean?

    • I have the same WRT310Nv2 Router and my problem started soon after I switched to it. Using a static IP and Google’s Public DNS does seem to circumvent the issue.

      Based on everything I’ve been seeing while researching, the firmware on the WRT160N/WRT310N/and-that-other-one all are the same, which seems to be reported in every case of this problem. I’ve tried looking for alternate open-source firmware replacement for the router but it doesn’t seem the community has the WRT310Nv2 supported yet.

      I believe that the internal DNS of the router is gathering the bogus data from a malicious poisoned node somewhere around the world and it’s storing it’s own copy locally, which then is given to your computer when it requests DHCP info.

    • I have the same issue from time to time and only noticed it after I switched to Linksys WRT160N. It was fine when I was running my Netgear.

      Some solutions I found, clearing your browser cache and cookies. If not, run ipconfig /flushdns, ipconfig /release, ipconfig /renew.

      Also run CCleaner to get rid of any other junk.

      This is soooo strange. I don’t know what the prob is.

    • Brak and Kevin, the problem is a bad DNS caching service inside the Linksys router itself, not a “malicious poisoned node somewhere around the world”. Please see the following page ( http://bit.ly/d1JRHm ) for a concise summary of the issue (which Linksys is starting to finally notice the chatter about it).

    • Bill, Thanks for the summary page. It looks to include most (all?) the relevant information too, with nice descriptions. Could you add to it that the problem persists on the WRT310Nv2 router as well (not just the WRT160N)? Thanks again for creating it.

      I’d like to mention also that if the router had the ability to *not* include itself as a DNS server to it’s DHCP clients, this issue could be easily circumvented.

    • I was using the WRT160N with Cox and had no problems. I also had no problems when using the Motorola Speed Surfer modem with Time Warner (Roadrunner). They switched me to a phone / Inet modem and the problem arose.

      Open DNS has solved the problem tonight…we shall see.

  • Holy crap – I just switched to a Linksys too…
    I think it’s a WRT160N!

    • I had the problem tonight — facebook.com redirects to myspace.com. I, too, have a refurbished Linksys WRT160N that I bought last week. Could it be the cause?

    • yeah i think so too we switched to it like a month or so back…

  • Could this be a fix?


    Upgrade the Linksys router to the latest firmware @ http://www.linksys.com/download

    1. Once you upgrade to the latest firmware or if there is no firmware upgrade, you need to perform a factory reset by holding in the reset button for 30 seconds located on back of the router, you will notice the routers lights blinking. Then wait about 2-3 minutes while the router syncs back up.

    Note: The factory reset will erase all previous settings, so you may want to write down your settings as you will have to enter the settings back into the router.

    2. Check your Home page setting under Internet Options.
    3. Clear out your Cache and cookies.

    • Thanks, Dan. I’m trying this one out now. It sucks, though, that you’d have to do this to every machine that’s connected to the router. I wonder if there’s a setting/fix in the router to disable this feature/bug, to make the solution centralized.

    • Great find. I think it worked too. Facebook popped up a new privacy policy this evening and when I clicked on it I got the privacy policy at skype.com. I deleted the dns address of the router and right away the link worked correctly.

    • i hope there’s a fix like this for UBUNTU… Pages have been redirecting like crazy!

  • Yes, the Linksys WRT160Nv3 is definitely the problem. I have been experiencing this for months on all computers on our network (Mac and Windows). At one time I briefly switched to an old Netgear router and the problem magically went away. The Netgear router has other known problems so it was back to the Linksys until I stumbled across your site tonight. I have now hardcoded the DNS resolvers in my computer to eliminate the Linksys resolver from the equation. I sure wish Linksys would acknowledge this issue and correct it.

    P.S. I originally thought the issue was with my ISP’s DNS resolvers so I switched to OpenDNS. Unfortunately the problem persisted. I am sticking with OpenDNS even after finding the true cause of the issue.

    • Yeah, we may have pinpointed the problem down to a particular router (plus firmware) model. I will try to voice out our collective findings, and hope they issue a firmware update.

  • yeah, I had exactly the same problem with my 310 cisco router. I closed the browser immediatly.

    is it ppsible that the redirect could load some sort of virus or malicious software on the computer? I’m worried.

  • That one solved the problem for me too. Although, I must admit that I returned the Linksys in exchange for a Netgear WNDR3700 and have not had any problems at all.

  • Does anyone know how to do the above fix on a MAC? when I go to edit the DNS addresses, they are greyed out; I cannot delete the first one.

    • Yeah, same here. It’s great that they found a solution, but I wish there was a solution for Mac users too.

      This router is annoying!

  • wow, this just happened to me a few mins ago. wtf i have 160n too -.-

  • This happened to my Linksys today. Updated the firmware, flushed my DNS, dropped the cookies, something along the way worked. What a pain in the ass!

  • I just experienced this!
    WILD… I can’t see facebook!

  • This Samuel Garcia shit just happened AGAIN! Literally, like 10 minutes ago. WTF!!!

  • Happened to me twice in two days. First Twitter redirected to MySpace, now Facebook is doing the same thing. What’s next? ESPN.com redirecting to MySpace? BBC.co.uk redirecting MySpace? When does it end, Samuel Garcia?

  • This happened to me and it was giving me little heart attacks, i am using Google chrome, and i was on myspace, then tried to go to Facebook, and it came up as some garcia guy, i eventually refreshed and clicked on a diffrent facbook link and it worked, i have no antivirus on here so if it comes back i’m screwed, i dont want to download anything eithere, im happy im not the only one. pray this isnt a virus!

  • This just happened to me in Georgia at around 9:50pm est.

    Crazy. And even crazier, this is all I found about it via google.

  • i’ve had this problem also but with two different routers…

  • Hi All,
    If this is happening to you still. It would be useful to confirm the problem so that people can have a definitive fix. If you are having this problem, please provide:

    1. The name of the ISP you are using (Starbucks, SBC DSL, Comcast, etc)

    2. Provide the output of:
    2.a. From Windows “cmd” run: “ipconfig /all”
    2.b. Mac or Linux from terminal: “host -aC facebook.com”

    3. The make and model of your home router at home.

    4. As a work-around, you can use Google or OpenDNS in your DNS settings or or or

    If we can all confirm the problem, then we can know for sure whether the other fixes listed here are actually resolving (and not masking) the problem.

  • Holy Crap…been fighting with this issue for months and never even though it could be my router (using the WRT160Nv3).

    I will try this solution right away. Everyone I’ve talked to thinks I’m crazy and must have some spyware or a virus or something.

  • You have to go into control section, then to Network connections. Then on the Local area connection you right click it to disable the network and then again enable it.

    that work for me.

  • Snow thing like a Snowman

    Switching to Google DNS, see if it works. http://code.google.com/speed/public-dns/

  • I am having the same problem. I have experienced it on both my PC and my Wife’s Mac. Also, on both AT&T DSL and Comcast. The problem is definitely in the network, either DNS poisoning or its a glitch in the ISP’s content cache. I switched over to using Google’s DNS and and i’m still having the problem. If you clear your DNS cache c:\ipconfig /flushdns and then close/restart your browser it will clear the problem. For a long time I also had a problem with foxnews.com redirecting to the Washington Post.

  • Had this issue as well, I performed the following command (at the command prompt) on my computer having this issue:

    C:\ipconfig /flushdns

    this may not fix all issues listed above but it worked for me.. good luck.

  • This seems to be a simple case of DNS cache poisoning. Run Command Prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns . It fixed my problem. I wonder how someone did this?

  • Interesting tidbit: Samuel Garcia picked “home.php” as his Myspace username, which explains why myspace.com/home.php goes to his profile.

    Of course, the real url for a myspace homepage is home.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=home, not myspace.com/home.php

  • The same thing is happening in indiana too. i just now found out if you type in apps.facebook.com it brings you to your home page. hopefully this is a temporary solution to you all as well.

  • I think this may have been happening to me too. I was getting re-directed to a JJ Morales or something. Just thought it was a DNS issue or something until a Paypal charge for $1800 showed up on my credit card from one JJ Morales.

    I contacted PP and got the charge reversed but I think this is a much larger issue than suspected.

    I contacted Linksys and explained everything and agreed to replace the router but with the exact same model and a refurbished unit to boot. So I am trying to contact them again to get a totally different model.

    I can’t be 100% sure it is the router but I would be VERY careful while using this router. Linksys stated they had heard of no issues so I sent them the URL to their own community forum.

  • Just had a couple of chats with Cisco/Linksys about this. Had me upgrade my firmware on the WRT160N, but said that they are “unaware of this issue” so that was just a precautionary measure.
    When I offered to send them to this site so they could see our suffering and that the common piece of the puzzle is apparently the WRT160N v3 router they are offering to the world, the reps (had two, chat session crashed once) said they “don’t have access to the Internet”. I’m assuming that means they aren’t allowed on sites other than the chat server. But still!
    If they are going to partner with companies to be their ears and eyes, they should consider taking the gags and blindfolds off of them.
    Here they have a loyal customer (been on Linksys for probably 10+ years now) who wants to help them make a better product and is willing to even PDF this website and send it in to them to save them a little diagnostic work–or heck to just give them a heads up that THEIR PRODUCT IS BROKEN.
    Instead I get “we are blind and deaf as a company”, which is another way of telling me “you’re on your own”.
    So let’s say I don’t get this fixed with the firmware upgrade and I have to can this $80 hardware and start over.
    Do you think I’m going to risk another Linksys?
    Conversely, if they at least made an effort and listened and tried working with the data their customer is so willing to offer, and the issue doesn’t resolve but they were doing everything they could, do you think there’d be a better chance of my buying giving Linksys a second chance? You bet.
    I guess even Internet companies can get so big and tall that their ears are nowhere near the ground any longer. So silly and unnecessary in this Sharing Revolution we are experiencing.
    Meanwhile, I have to decide whether I’m going to hang on to this router and give the firmware upgrade a chance, or toss it and start over.

    • “Unaware of this issue” is such a lame excuse from them, considering there has been at least one long-running thread on their own forum about this exact problem. I’m on the latest firmware build for WRT160N v3 (004), and as of that update, they still haven’t addressed this issue.

      “Don’t have access to the Internet” is even more ridiculous. LOL WTF are they thinking?

      But thanks for linking back to this site from their forums. Given how they’ve addressed this issue, it’s a longshot to get this discussion noticed, but I hope this gets other 160N users educated and make some more noise.

    • I also posted this link in an Amazon.com review for the 160N stating that there are security vulnerabilities with the product, etc. I suggest we do more of the same in other commercial sites like Best Buy, for example. If Cisco is doing any listening via the Web, it could be on an of those other sites. I’m sure someone at Cisco wants to know about this, but they are so big, maybe it’s a matter of getting our signal through their corporate noise.

  • For this blog, is anyone else getting email updates to replies but not seeing them on the site?

    Weird too.

  • Way to go Hans! This is so typical of big business these days. It is unfortunate that people have to force companies to give a damn about customer service. I’m tempted to post a link to this thread on my Facebook, urging my friends to copy and paste your post into a chat with Linksys. Maybe something like that would help them become “aware”.

  • After reading the comments come in on this post over the past three months, I finally decided to write an article.

    If you are on Twitter, please tweet the following. In you are on Facebook, update your status with the following.
    Let’s get the word out now!

    Flaw in #LinkSys WRT160N Wireless Internet Router potential serious security vulnerability @CiscoSystems ignoring http://bit.ly/d1JRHm

  • wow this just happened to my friend tonight and he has this exact same router but v7 he also is pissed off at it because it kicks him off of the network except for the one computer directly wired into the Internet has anyone eles had this problem too? and can you connect to xbox live or is that just his router crapping out on him?

  • +1 on the buy a linksys WRT 160N and get redirected, thanks for the site and the comments, really useful got getting things back together without running multiple scans and possibly a reformat (something I was considering if the scan had come up null)

  • over here in lubbock, tx im having the same problem. have been for a few months. went home for the christmas break. came back and hadnt been bothered by it until today.

  • From Shannon M. via email:

    “I received a call from Cisco’s security department and was told that troubleshooting has been difficult because they cannot re-create the scenario in their lab environment. I agreed to download Wireshark from wireshark.org. Wouldn’t ya know, the computer now refuses to re-direct. If someone could download Wireshark, capture a log of events, and post the results here, it would be a great help. If you cannot post here, send a copy of the log to security@cisco.com, and hope that the person who receives it is as helpful as the person who contacted me. Thanks, and good luck.”

    Also, from the security department: “…we need the actual packet capture (Normally .pcap file) not the summary file.”

  • 2Bill

    will post it to twitter

  • I experienced the same thing using chrome today.
    I cleared all the cookies and went to options>under the hood>
    and unchecked the box “Use DNS pre-fetching to improve page load performance”

  • It did it for me.

    • Are you using the WRT160N from Cisco/Linksys?

      Various things like that have “done it for me” too, like deleting all my Apps in Facebook or resetting my router, etc., etc. And then weeks later it comes back like the cockroach you can’t kill.

      Very interested to know if you have the same router as most (all?) of the others in this thread.

  • I’ve updated my article at http://bit.ly/d1JRHm with the information provided by Brak and Brownspank.

    Please keep the info coming! Thanks!

  • I am Samuel Garcia! I was doing a google search of my name so I changed my Facebook name!

  • Glad this could be resolved–my friend was about to call the FBI.

  • Caught live on video…
    Okay gang, I just had a redirect occur while I was doing some work and managed to get a screencast of it live and in living color. Don’t know if this helps anyone (cough-CISCO-cough) to resolve this issue but I sure hope so.

    Getting ready to buy a new router and when I do, I’m tempted to do nasty things publicly to the Cisco WRT160N router. Would much rather just have Cisco “man up” and fix the problem.

  • this is happening to me right now


    i hope facebook is dead for good this time

  • Happening in GA as well, we just had to update our Linksys router as well…..if I had to guess, it’s that router.

    This way we can see if there is a common point related to this problem. More and more people are posting that they are using the Linksys WRT160N.
    If you don’t post your actual router and model number, there’s no way for us to tell, short of telepathy and unfortunately there’s a planet-wide outage on that system right now.

  • Suddenly happened to me today. Have linksys WRT310Nv2 Firmware Version: v2.0.00. My laptop that connects wireless has no issues.

  • I also recently got a 160N and had the same problem. The second solution that Dan posted ended up being a fix. I hope I won’t have problems when I take my laptop elsewhere, though.

  • I use a school wide wireless internet and it is happening to me too.

  • I’m being sent to the stupid Samuel Garcia thing too. Facebook won’t work at all. It’s 1:15AM so I can’t contact my friends to see if they are having the same problem. I live in Spokane WA.

    Earlier today I tried to log on through my phone and facebook wouldn’t let me until I verified access on a home computer. That was around 5PM yesterday. Now I can’t access facebook at all. At first I thought it was Google Chrome but Firefox doesn’t work either. Gaah! I hope it starts working again in the morning. This really ticks me off. Whatever is going on it can’t be legal and facebook must be ticked.

    Now facebook.com just directs me to myspace.com … fail

  • I just tried to go to FaceBook and I am now being directed to Samuel Gracia’s MySpace page. So what is going on and why. I have had my Cisco Router for six months and it just started after reconnecting my laptop after bing on vacation and using wireless.

  • today too

  • Wow it’s been happening to me on a regular basis for at least 2 months. Cisco needs to address this problem before they lose me as a customer forever.

  • Yeah I’ve been having the same problem too. I found that it might be a router problem, specifically the Lynksys WRT160N V3, which is what I have.

    Go to http://homecommunity.cisco.com/t5/Wireless-Routers/WRT160N-V3-has-serioius-DNS-issues/td-p/280327 Scroll down about 80% of the way and there’s a post by wbundrick that begins with “follow up:” you can try following the steps he lists there. It worked for me.

    Good luck guys!

  • I have got the same problem as Armin. On my MAC I can´t delete the the first DNS. Perhaps someone can give me a good tip?

  • any fixes it just happened to me nothing in norton is showing any threatss

  • I have the same problem.

    I’ve got a Linksys WRT310N and I installed the firmware yesterday. I also talked to tech support at Linksys and this was supposed to fix this ongoing problem.

    Well, just a few minutes ago the problem occurred again.

    Not sure what to try next. Very frustrating situation.

  • That’s ridiculous. Same thing happened to me too, and I have a Linksys router. But it just happened, BOOM. Have had no problems for months. Argh.

    I can get on with my iPod, though, but not my laptop.

  • Just bookmarked this page. I have the same router on Roadrunner in socal and tried the manual DNS hard-code. Seems like its working but we’ll see.. this problem has been on and off for the past month.

  • i have wrt54g and have been fighting this redirect for about two weeks now and was just about to chunk the whole setup in the incinerator….until i came across this thread! will try the fix mentioned above, have a feeling it will work for me too…if not i will be back to report!!

  • July 2010 and the problem is still going around.
    Sometimes I can flush my DNS and it goes away. I have comcast btw – i changed my DNS to and reregistered my DNS and Facebook opened.

    Very odd

  • Mine is a WRT310N v2.0. My problem is that it will randomly go to a page that says MySpace in the upper right but the url in the bar says Facebook and I’m not trying to go to either, I’m just clicking on a random website like maybe from Digg or whatever. Sometimes it evens shows the page for second before redirecting. I did the Google DNS thing so we’ll see if there’s any change.

  • Had something similar happen to me recently, thought for a second Myspace had bought out Facebook or something and I’d managed to miss it.

  • To solve this problem i went to Open DNS and made an account with them. Solved all my problems. For those who don’t know what DNS is, all internet addresses are in reality numbers kind of like your IP address. it would be hard for us humans to remember al of those numbers so they made them into letters and when they are typed into the browser a computer at your internet service provider looks up the real address and then directs you to the website. Sometimes things go wrong with the DNS at the internet service provider so Open DNS provides a free and independent alternative. Give it a try and shout if it works

  • Almost a year later and there is still no clear fix. Strange this just started happening to me. I’m using a Linksys WRT160N router.

  • ANY true VPN uses encryption, we need more details to help much here. As for wireless encryption, you need to log into the router on your browser as described in the manual and go to wireless security and set the key there.

  • Really guys?? All of you still want to keep telling the same stories over and over again??? Is this show and tell or are we trying to fix this??

    I haven’t seen anyone on here mention simply calling these idiots over at Cisco/Linxys and saying WTF fix it or we will bond together and let the world know you suck and don’t care!!!!

    This is beyond low class that Cisco having the name brand they do, isn’t doing anything about this. A complete fail. There’s nothing else to confirm here as to what happened or whether if it’s true.

    We all know the facts…if you bought a WRT160N unit you will and have experienced Facebook not working, myspace bringing you Facebook, Twitter bringing you to Facebook…etc etc….

    If one person writes on here…”hey guys wow one time i typed in facebook and then it went to myspace” as if we all haven’t read this a thousand times….I”m gonna scream!!

    Call the friggin company…and post the FACTS about these this company everywhere.

  • Chat Messages:

    Jonson Karlo A. (17988) has joined this session.
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    Hello! Welcome to Linksys Live Chat. How may I help you?
    from Bob to All Participants:
    Are you aware of what thousands are dealing with involving the WRT160n router???
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    Tell me more.
    from Bob to All Participants:
    I’ve reached my patience limit with your company not providing a solution. It seems impossible for you not to know what’s going on when it’s all over your forums and the internet….
    from Bob to All Participants:
    Myself and SEVERAL others are dealing with this router sending people to URLs that are not being typed. It’s almost the same for everyone….you attempt to go to facebook you end up on myspace…you attempt to go to twitter you end up on some error message on myspace….it goes on and on…sometimes I can’t access yahoo even.
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    I suggest you tell me about your problem so that we can fix that.
    from Bob to All Participants:
    Here’s one link containing dozens of people sharing info about it. It’s been going on for well over a year.
    from jon anders to All Participants:
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    That’s strange. Let’s me check if we have some info on that. Unfortunately I cannot open that web site, but you’ve already explained your issue yourself so that’s okay. By the way, when directly connected to the modem, does it work normally?
    from Bob to All Participants:
    It’s also written in your forums….people seemed to have just learned to accept it or moved onto outside solutions they shouldn’t have to like switching the DNS to google ,etc…
    from Bob to All Participants:
    from Bob to All Participants:
    do a google search for WRT160N and redirect problems dns…
    from Bob to All Participants:
    You will see I come with at least HUNDREDS of others. I can’t believe no ones tried to contact you guys about it. I’ve had enough. If i don’t get a fix or my money back….I will make sure I post every day EVERY where across the internet my experience with your company. It’s been going on far too long and has seriously affected my internet dealings.
    from Bob to All Participants:
    another link
    from Bob to All Participants:
    from Bob to All Participants:
    another link
    from Bob to All Participants:
    from Bob to All Participants:
    A link again….
    from Bob to All Participants:
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    Thank you for waiting. I’ve just finished checking the main database and there is already a log for this particular bug. Linksys is already aware of this issue and are currently working on a fix. It was suggested that rebooting the router regularly can be used as a temporary fix. We will be filing your case to our case management team and to do that we need you to provide the following information:
    1. Complete Name
    2. Email Address (at least 2)
    3. Contact Number
    from Jonson Karlo A. (17988) to All Participants:
    By the way, no need to send any links, we actually do not have access to anything outside our local network so I can’t check that from here.

  • This chat when on a bit more but didn’t copy all of it for some reason. The rest is just me throwing dirt at the guy over how much they are screwing up by not fixing this ASAP!!!!

    I suggest everyone go to http://homesupport.cisco.com/en-us/wireless/lbc/WRT160N?referrer=www.linksysbycisco.com
    and do a live chat or call the company and bombard them about our problem with this router. It’s VERY unprofessional for them to not be making public statements and fixes at this point. I’m so sick of large companies getting away with things because all of us are too busy to ruin them.

  • I also have a Linksys WRT 160N v3 Router. I just recently upgraded to the latest firmware but the problem is still there. I don’t get re-directed I always get the Invalid URL or Page cannot be found or Page/URL cannot be found on this server. Sometimes when logging into FaceBook I get a message saying I was redirected to a.248.e.akamai.net with an unknown certificate.
    I use Cox as my ISP and it happens in IE, GoogleChrome, and FireFox. I run Windows 7. Happens on 2 computers mostly when I am on Face Book and all of Zynga’s game applications.
    Is this related to the same problem that everyone else in this forum is having? If it is related to the same problem I will try all of the suggestions that are posted even though I am not a computer person, but they sound easy to do.
    Thank You

  • I had the problem almost 1 week. —i can’t open my facebook its always redirecting. i need help please..Thank you

  • prenciss lady enn – The answer to your question is in the very top of the article. See the tinted red box right under the title on the page? It says to use Google DNS or OpenDNS on your computer (depending on your PC, you set this somewhere in “Network Preferences”).

    In fact this is good advice on any PC, laptop or mobile device — ditch the DNS servers provided with your connection, and use Google DNS. It’s way faster, safer, and more reliable.

    NOTE: You probably can not use Google DNS or OpenDNS inside of mainland China, because of that totalitarian government running their “Great Firewall” DNS filter (which you can get around using a HK proxy, but that’s another story..)

  • For users of Cisco WRT160Nv3, the fix is to upgrade the firmware to 3.03


  • Thank you SO much! I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent doing virus scans, convinced that I was infected. In the end, I just gave up and lived with the annoyance. I happened across this article just now, went to check my router, and what do you know, it’s a WRT160Nv3! It’s owned by the landlord, but at least now I know it’s not my computer that’s the problem, and can tell them how to fix it!

  • The firmware upgrade Bill mentions in his post of Jan 5 does not fix the redirect problem.

    I hope there’s a big, fat class-action lawsuit against Linksys soon. Their handling of this issue is contemptible.

  • Forgot to add: The problem still exists even though I’m using Google DNS.

    Linksys can go to hell.

  • hwo solution my problem redirecting face book

  • Great information i love how well organized it is. I need all the info i can get

  • Update:
    problem was never solved. i ended up upgrading to cisco’s flagship router which ended up being actually a bigger piece of junk, but oh wow solved the whole facebook problem.

    i am only writing here now to inform people of my happy happy happy happy happy happy happy purchase of my apple router. i’ve had for a few months and have NEVER been happier with a routers EVERYTHING. they even cure you of having to deal with that stupid stupid CRAP!!!!!! it deals directly with your computer like it should!!!


  • I have upgraded my firmware router version and issue went away. Thanks very much for the tip.

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